Best Clickfunnels Bonus in the History of Clickfunnels Bonuses

if you're looking for share funnels and email swipes, look for another affiliate.  ​

I actually give you things to help your business Get in front of the right people because i want you to make sales.

i give you tools & training that will massively enhance the growth of your business as my clickfunnels bonus

Do a simple Google search and you can have all the share funnels, email swipes, headlines, etc. your heart can imagine.  That's why it's the LAST thing I'll ever offer as a bonus for joining the Clickfunnels Affiliate program.  In fact, I'll save you the time and you can get 22 high converting share funnels from Master Marketer and creator of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson.  

Here they are: The Ultimate List of Clickfunnels Share Funnels.

"But The Other Clickfunnels Affiliates Are Offering High Converting  Share Funnels" you say.  So do I... here's proof:

Clickfunnels Share Funnel Stats

You can have it now:

Email Marketing Swipes you need?  Here's a trick to get all the swipes you need....

Copy & paste the red letters into Google: filetype:pdf "email marketing" swipe

(use quotes only around email marketing)

Look what I found immediately:

Eric McLaughlin

Online Marketer since 2011

Hey, my name is Eric and now that you now have access to every bonus all the other Clickfunnel Affiliates are giving you... let me introduce to you how I can help you grow your Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Business.

I will send your funnel traffic

I will send your first 100 visitors to your Viral Affiliate Funnel to help you make your first sale as soon as you go live.

I will give you a Messenger bot

More features than ManyChat and guaranteed to give you an 80% open rate. Yours FREE for the entire duration of your Clickfunnels Membership.  Yes, you can run UNLIMITED bots connected to UNLIMITED Facebook Pages.

I will pay for your clickfunnels

Every 60 days I run a giveaway for a 6 month subscription plan to Clickfunnels. You'll automatically be entered into the VIP giveaway.

you will have exclusive tools

I have exclusive tools that were built to run my online business and I will give you exclusive FREE access.  SEO ranking software, YouTube analytic software and an Instagram and Facebook Video Downloader just to name a few.  You can actually have that now.  Go here:

Shit, while I'm at it, you can have access to another one of my tools.  It's an SEO audit tool and use it as much as you want.... free! Go here:

As soon as you join under me, you'll have private access to several more tools... all free... all unlimited... and all to help you win.

exclusive training portal

I've been at this online marketing game for a while... so I know a thing or two.  I will teach you to rank anything on Google and YouTube and will teach you how to run 'make money from home/biz op' ads on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook doesn't run ads for our industry... but they do for me and I'll teach you how.

Running Clickfunnels Ads on Facebook Platform