I've done this a long time.

I've used just about every tool out there.

The one thing I've learned the last 7 years is to keep things simple... really simple.

In reality, you don't need a product or a website to make money in affiliate marketing.  That's what the entire affiliate marketing business model is based on.

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I could list 100 tools that claim to help in this industry.  But you only need a handful.  

Actually, there's only three tools you need to completely run your business and make more cash than you can ever imagine:

  1. Web hosting (to store your web pages)
  2. Lead Capture Page or "Squeeze Page" (to collect email addresses)
  3. Email Autoresponder (to automate your email marketing after you've collected their email addresses)

All three are covered in my favorite tool that I list first.  It allows me to dump buckets of cash into my bank account daily.

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